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The primary mission of Russiansambo.com by Grappling University has been to make the invaluable benefits of Combat Sambo available to people anywhere in the world. To make this happen, we created Grappling University Online Sambo Training, through which dedicated martial artists from around the world will have the privilege and resources to become remarkable Combat Sambo practitioners and maybe even instructors one day and join us in promoting and preserving this fighting style through our Sambo Belt Ranking System. If you would like to get a taste of Combat Sambo Online Training, you can Start Here.
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Combat Sambo Belt System Black Belt

Black Belts

Combat Sambo Belt System Brown Belt

Brown Belts

Combat Sambo Belt System Purple Belt

Purple Belts

Combat Sambo Belt System Blue Belt

Blue Belts

Sambo Belt System Ranking Green Belt

Green Belts

Combat Sambo Belt System Orange Belt

Orange Belts

Combat Sambo Belt System Yellow Belt

Yellow Belts

Sambo Belt Ranking System FAQ

Grappling University has had a Combat Sambo belt system from early 2000 by Vladislav Koulikov graduate of Sambo 70.
Yes, through Grappling University you can obtain a authentic Black Belt from someone that trained direectly in Russia and developed a curriculum for his students.
These are 2 COMPLETELY different fighting styles. Combat Sambo is c complete fighting system with kicks, punches, headbutts, submissions and throws. BJJ is 95% ground fighting and very limited on takedowns. That is why they shake hands and sit down on the floor.
Combat Sambo is one of the best martial arts for self-defense and Mixed Martial Arts fighting since it allows for using submissions, strikes, and takedowns, creating more well rounded fighters. It's no surprise fighters with combat Sambo backgrounds like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev, and Emelianenko have had lots of success in mixed martial arts
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